I Question…???

what haunts you the most?

the unsaid goodbye,

what horrifies you the most?

the unsaid departure,

what suprises you the most?

the unknown hello’s,

what keep you calm and motivated?

no expectation,

self improvement,

that keeps me engaged,

serving & respecting ,

is a deep satisfaction.

Certain thoughts from my diary.

Purvi Singhvi‚ėļ


A Lesson from anonymous

Often we might have heard about that :

If you are the smartest person in the Room the person thinks that, that’s not the Room to be in……..

While that person(anonymous)comes from the perspective that is:

Even if you are the smartest person in the room ,

What else can you can learn in that room,

Don’t be know it All Person,

Be someone who learn it All Person,

Even if You know it All.

Purvi Singhviūüėä

Life Doesn’t Frightens Me At All !!

shadows on the wall,

noises down the hall,

life doesn’t frightens me at all,

bad days barking loud,

big ghosts in the cloud,

life doesn’t frightens me at all,

dragon breathing frame,

on my counter pain,

life doesn’t frightens me at all,

no they doesn’t frightens me at all,

i go boo,

make them shoo,

i won’t cry,

so they fly,

i just smile,

they go wild,

life doesn’t frightens me at all,

tough guys fight,

all alone at night,

panthers in the park,

strangers in the dark,

they doesn’t frightens me at all,

moving to the new city,

not everything will be pretty,

being little nervous,

but always strong,

¬†as life doesn’t frightens me at all.


thank you

© purvi singhvi


‘To-do list’


There is always a to-do list for the persons in long distance relationship /friendship,And one or the other things just keeps on adding.

From The dates of the upcoming meet ,

To the place where to greet,

From the long list of talks,

To the silent thoughts with hand in hand to walk,

From the movies to watch together,

To the sharing of questions that remain unanswered,

From the coffee&dinner meet ups,

To the natural garden patch ups,

From the songs that you’ll let him sing,

To the songs that you’ll both together sing,

From the curiosity to meet up,

To the again departing with a promise of seeing you soon up.

it’s not about that the moon and back feelings,

it’s just about staring in each other eyes with words unexpressed.

it’s not about the sunshine,

it’s just about the moonlight with the hope of seeing soon at some point again.

Hence it’s all about staying far away from your friend who is more than good or the beloved partner.

Thank you

©Purvi Singhvi:)


The wait for the next call,

The wait for the another text,

The wait for coming back home,

That news of his victory delights,

That he is still alive,

Yes the wait is forever,

And the soul is waiting for his son, partner, father or a friend.


To Wait for someone : If asked what’s so difficult is?


Thank you

©Purvi Singhvi