Say The Unsaid……

the superpower

there is none in this whole world who can choose better for you other than you,

for the choices you make ,

the path you choose to walk on,

accomplishment is your responsibility,

whatever be the noises around the hustlers,

hard workers do not make excuses,

karmas should be your at most priority,

no matter what.






self musing

Purvi Singhvi

Believe me or not….

this is the thing which is all about time,

believe me or not,

seems so fast when we are so much equipped,

and opposite the other way,

it just once process of thinking and attitude,

otherwise the time is 24 hours a day,

believe me or not,

my dear friend respect and cherish the things ,peoples,

work, family & friends you own,

open your mouth for only two things:

healthy talk,healthy food,

it adds value to our living,

believe me or not…….



certain thoughts from my diary







Learning :Steve jobs

Steve Jobs’ last words
He died a billionaire at 56yrs of Pancreatic Cancer and here are his last words on the sick bed:

“I reached the pinnacle of success in the business world. In others’ eyes my life is an epitome of success.

However, aside from work, I have little joy. In the end, wealth is only a fact of life that I am accustomed to.

At this moment, lying on the sick bed and recalling my whole life, I realize that all the recognition and

wealth that I took so much pride in, have paled and become meaningless in the face of impending death.

You can employ someone to drive the car for you, make money for you but you cannot have someone to bear the sickness for you.

Material things lost can be found. But there is one thing that can never be found when it is lost – “Life”.

When a person goes into the operating room, he will realize that there is one book that he has yet to finish reading – “Book of Healthy Life”.

Whichever stage in life we are at right now, with time, we will face the day when the curtain comes down.

Treasure Love for your family, love for your spouse, love for your friends…

Treat yourself well. Cherish others.

As we grow older, and hence wiser, we slowly realize that wearing a $300 or $30 watch – they both tell the same time…

Whether we carry a $300 or $30 wallet/handbag – the amount of money inside is the same;

Whether we drive a $150,000 car or a $30,000 car, the road and distance is the same, and we get to the same destination.

Whether we drink a bottle of $300 or $10 wine – the hangover is the same;

Whether the house we live in is 300 or 3000 sq ft – loneliness is the same.

You will realize, your true inner happiness does not come from the material things of this world.

Whether you fly first or economy class, if the plane goes down – you go down with it…

Therefore.. I hope you realize, when you have mates, buddies and old friends, brothers and sisters, who you chat with, laugh with, talk with, have sing songs with, talk about north-south-east-west or heaven and earth, …. That is true happiness!!

Five Undeniable Facts of Life :
1. Don’t educate your children to be rich. Educate them to be Happy. So when they grow up they will know the value of things not the price.

2. Best awarded words in London … “Eat your food as your medicines. Otherwise you have to eat medicines as your food.”

3. The One who loves you will never leave you for another because even if there are 100 reasons to give up he or she will find one reason to hold on.

4. There is a big difference between a human being and being human.
Only a few really understand it.

5. You are loved when you are born. You will be loved when you die. In between, You have to manage!

NOTE: If you just want to Walk Fast, Walk Alone! But if you want to Walk Far, Walk Together!

Six Best Doctors in the World
1. Sunlight
2. Rest
3. Exercise
4. Diet
5. Self Confidence and
6. Friends

Maintain them in all stages of Life and enjoy a healthy life.

God loves you!

Source :Autobiography of Stevejobs.

I Question…???

what haunts you the most?

the unsaid goodbye,

what horrifies you the most?

the unsaid departure,

what suprises you the most?

the unknown hello’s,

what keep you calm and motivated?

no expectation,

self improvement,

that keeps me engaged,

serving & respecting ,

is a deep satisfaction.

Certain thoughts from my diary.

Purvi Singhvi☺

A Lesson from anonymous

Often we might have heard about that :

If you are the smartest person in the Room the person thinks that, that’s not the Room to be in……..

While that person(anonymous)comes from the perspective that is:

Even if you are the smartest person in the room ,

What else can you can learn in that room,

Don’t be know it All Person,

Be someone who learn it All Person,

Even if You know it All.

Purvi Singhvi😊

Life Doesn’t Frightens Me At All !!

shadows on the wall,

noises down the hall,

life doesn’t frightens me at all,

bad days barking loud,

big ghosts in the cloud,

life doesn’t frightens me at all,

dragon breathing frame,

on my counter pain,

life doesn’t frightens me at all,

no they doesn’t frightens me at all,

i go boo,

make them shoo,

i won’t cry,

so they fly,

i just smile,

they go wild,

life doesn’t frightens me at all,

tough guys fight,

all alone at night,

panthers in the park,

strangers in the dark,

they doesn’t frightens me at all,

moving to the new city,

not everything will be pretty,

being little nervous,

but always strong,

 as life doesn’t frightens me at all.


thank you

© purvi singhvi


‘To-do list’


There is always a to-do list for the persons in long distance relationship /friendship,And one or the other things just keeps on adding.

From The dates of the upcoming meet ,

To the place where to greet,

From the long list of talks,

To the silent thoughts with hand in hand to walk,

From the movies to watch together,

To the sharing of questions that remain unanswered,

From the coffee&dinner meet ups,

To the natural garden patch ups,

From the songs that you’ll let him sing,

To the songs that you’ll both together sing,

From the curiosity to meet up,

To the again departing with a promise of seeing you soon up.

it’s not about that the moon and back feelings,

it’s just about staring in each other eyes with words unexpressed.

it’s not about the sunshine,

it’s just about the moonlight with the hope of seeing soon at some point again.

Hence it’s all about staying far away from your friend who is more than good or the beloved partner.

Thank you

©Purvi Singhvi:)


The wait for the next call,

The wait for the another text,

The wait for coming back home,

That news of his victory delights,

That he is still alive,

Yes the wait is forever,

And the soul is waiting for his son, partner, father or a friend.


To Wait for someone : If asked what’s so difficult is?


Thank you

©Purvi Singhvi