Live to express not to impress


The word itself says I own 





As per my views.Yes hope is something that let the person move on and on.Never ever loose hope or let anyone loose because it might be yours or anyone’s last choice to proceed further because the duration between practicing and achievement might bring lots of opportunities,happiness and experience but all that requires patience.

Keep going ,Never ever lose anyone’s last hope for anything like:

  • If anyone is in problem just say them that You can do it,every problem has a solution .Motivate that person to solve the problem and face the situation.
  • Someone is going for giving exams and he/she is totally unprepared or is loosing hope even after having full preparations due to any reason.Might be our one ray of hope can let him/her give exam and get good result just because of that hope don’t ever miss that chance to encourage anyone.

There are many situation like these where we require hope to let us and others keep going.

One well known line in Hindi :

Umeed pe duniya kayam hai

Being positive

Being optimistic

Being hopeful

Share your views on it .If that one ray of hope by someone helped you to reach your destination.✌☺



Never Stop 

 I know the times

Tough,bad ,worst

Not going to last long

Good times are waiting 

Be versatile

I know the path

Endless,wavery,full of thornes

Going to complete soon

Have patience 

Success is waiting to hug you

Be brave

I know the people surrounding you

Sarcastic, rude,pinpointing

Can’t determine you

Focus on the wise they gonna appreciate you

Be kind

PS:Make boldness your friend and gain so much strength that at the time you die you have the feeling that how beautifully I lived the life with no regrets.

Being positive

Being optimistic

I am back. Do share your views.



Be kind

Being rude is easy.It is effortless but a sign of weakness and insecurity.Kindness comes from self discipline and self esteem.Kindness is not easy especially dealing with rude people ,but kindness is a sign of strength.

Practice the act of kindness .Your single step towards it would lead you to walk the miles.Trust me the inner happiness that you get can’t be expressed in words.A smile on the face of any needy person ,that sight of satisfaction from them and knowing that you had a small contribution in that is the best act which you can practice along with your daily chores.

Be kind, be inspired and do inspire others to be kind even with someone who is rude to you because nothing lasts but what lasts is your kindness.

Practice the Act of kindness!!


Zindagi bhoat choti hai mera dost stop dying inside!!

The tragedy of life is not death ,but what we let die inside of us while we live.

Express your thoughts,Express your feeling,Express the damm things that resides within you because its never too late.✌✌

Even if the day goes wrong don’t get disappointed but just be thankful that you got that morning to see the rising Sun.☺☺

Stop dying inside.Just be thankful for what you own and keep working for much to own.✌✌Live the life to the fullest even every day counts.👍👍



Todays Thought

Be a silent worker towards your goal.Don’t Overreact,yes difficulties may knock the door but make yourself too strong and powerful to be out of grudges.



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